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Vegan Brigadeiro in a Jar - 4oz


The Vegan Brigadeiro in a Jar is an entire jar full of Pure Vegan Brigadeiro with Dark chips on top. Even if you are not Vegan, you will love it.

You can have it by itself if you want, but it can also be delicious combined with fruits (such as strawberry and banana). Size: 4oz

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The freshness of this product is guaranteed for 7 days at room temperature. It’s important to keep the product out of the direct sunlight. You may keep it refrigerated during 30 days and frozen up to 150 days. To enjoy after frozen, let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes to enjoy at its best.

 *All Brigadeiros in a jar are made in a facility that contains nuts.

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We need a time frame of 2 hours to have your order delivered, Choose the best one for you

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