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a close up of a pink bag
a pink box filled with different types of food

Gift Pink Bag


Looking for a perfect Gift for your love? If she/he loves Brigadeiro as much as Cake this is the perfect box.

The OMG Pink Bag is the delicious combination of a box of 4 Brigadeiros and a 6oz Cake Jar.

Do you know what Brigadeiro is? It's a very traditional treat from Brazil, made with condensed milk. We do offer 15 different delicious flavors, all of them are handmade, one by one by our team.

Do you know what a Cake Jar is? It is a delicious combination of Cakes & Brigadeiros. Cake Jar has the perfect size to make you feel in heaven(6oz).

Choose your fave Brigadeiro flavors and a flavor of a Cake Jar.

Box of 4 Flavors: 

- Make Your Own: Mix and match Brigadeiro flavors!

Cake Jar Flavor:
- The Nutella Cake Jar has the fillings of Vanilla cake, Brigadeiro and Nutella.

- The OMG Cake Jar has the fillings of Vanilla cake, Brigadeiro and Condensed Milk.

- The Dulce de Leche Cake Jar has the fillings of Vanilla cake, Brigadeiro and Dulce de Leche.

- The Cookies & Cream Cake Jar has the fillings of Chocolate cake, Vanilla Brigadeiro and Cookies.

- The Brigadeiro & Carrot Cake Jar is the combination of Milk Chocolate Brigadeiro and Carrot Cake

Delivery info:
1) We need at least 24 hours in advance to delivery your order.
2) We need a time frame of 2 hours to have your order delivered, Choose the best one for you
3) Estimated Delivery Price: $10 (It includes the entire order and may vary depending on the zipcode of the delivery address)
4) We are just able to delivery next day. If you need it delivered today, click here

If you have any question, feel free to send us, we will reply as soon as possible. Please Send it via Instagram @omgbrigadeiros , e-mail or phone (305)456-8378

*We do not Ship this Box to other cities or states
**All Brigadeiros are made in a facility that contains nuts.


Brigadeiro Flavors

Please select up to 4 Brigadeiro flavors to include in your Box of 4! You can select more than one of individual flavors.

Oh My Gosh
Dulce de Leche
Cookies & Cream
Key Lime
Los 2 Amores
Passion Fruit
Romeo & Juliet
Traditional Milk
White Milk
Pink Brigadeiro
Pumpkin Brigadeiro(Halloween)

Cake Jar flavor

Pick your favorite Cake Jar Flavor

Delivery Method

Please choose how you want to receive the product. (For who chose to Pick it up in MiMo: it will be ready for you there. PS: it may show Coral Gables in the cart because that's our Main address, no worry it will be ready in MiMo)

Delivery/Pickup Time

We need a time frame of 2 hours to have your order delivered, Choose the best one for you

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