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20 Guests or 40 Guests - Coffee Package


Regardless of your celebration/event, our goal is to bring you convenience and also happiness to your guests. =)

Do you know what Brigadeiro is? It's a very traditional treat from Brazil, made with condensed milk. We do offer 15 different delicious flavors, all of them are handmade, one by one by our team.

On that catering package, we bring our team and unique products to your event. It includes our special coffees and 100 Brigadeiros. Check the list below:

1 - 100 or 200 Brigadeiros
2 - OMG Paper cups or Porcelain coffee cups, plates, spoons, napkins & sugar.
3 - 2 OMG Staff serving guests and making the coffee
4 - Coffee Machine and Milk machine.
5 - 2 types of Milk of your choice
6 - Nespresso regular coffee & Decaf coffee.
7 - Size of the coffee: 8oz
8 - Maximum 2 hours of the event.
9 - Minimum of 20 coffee cups.
10 - Table Set up.
11 - Flavors available for the Rim: Nutella, Brigadeiro, Dulce de Leche & Cookies, and Cream.

A) Total for 20 Guests: $460.00 + tax.
Includes: 20 coffees + 100 Brigadeiros

B) Total for 40 Guests: $880.00 + tax.
Includes: 40 coffees + 200 Brigadeiros

If you have any questions, feel free to send us, we will reply as soon as possible. Please Send it via Instagram @omgbrigadeiros, e-mail or phone (305)456-8378

If you want to add other products or lower/add the number of people to your event let us know. Send a request to


For 20 or 40 Guests

Pick the perfect package for your event

Brigadeiro Flavors

Please select from the following flavors and indicate how many of each flavor you would like in your Brigadeiro Box: Oh My Gosh | Dulce de Leche | Nutella | Churros | Coconut | Cookies & Cream | Dark | Key Lime | Los 2 Amores | Passion Fruit| Pistachio | Romeo & Juliet | Traditional Milk | White Milk

Coffee Rim Flavor

Additional Requests:
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