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Brownie Cake


Guests' main goal of all events is to celebrate, the second is to have a slice of this brownie cake. =)

The Brownie Cake is  available to preorder! Make your event unique with that delicious Brownie Cake. Available only in Miami. We do not ship the Brownie Cakes. 

- Preorder available: 1 day in advance.
- Size: 9' Round - It serves 8-10 People
- Presentation: It comes in our Pink Cake Box.

1.Nutella : Choco Brownie with Vanilla Brigadeiro, Nutella, Powder Milk & Nutella Brigadeiro on top.

2. Traditional Brigadeiro: Choco Brownie with topping of Traditional Brigadeiro & OMG Brigadeiro flavor on top

3. Dulce de Leche Bomb: Choco Brownie with Dulce de Leche Brigadeiro & Traditional Brigadeiro Pieces on top. ⠀

Delivery info:
We are just able to delivery next day.

*All products are made in a facility that contains nuts.



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