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Box of 9 Brigadeiros


1 Brigadeiro is good, 4 is very good, 9 is amazing.

The box of 9 Brigadeiros is the perfect option for brigadeiro lovers, who wants to have a sweeter day.

Do you know what Brigadeiro is? It's a very traditional treat from Brazil, made with condensed milk. We do offer 15 different delicious flavors, all of them are handmade, one by one by our team.

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*We do not Ship this Box to other cities or states
**All Brigadeiros are made in a facility that contains nuts.


Make Your Own

Please select up to 9 Brigadeiro flavors to include in your Box of 9! You can select more than one of individual flavors.

Oh My Gosh
Dulce de Leche
Cookies & Cream
Key Lime
Los 2 Amores
Passion Fruit
Romeo & Juliet
Traditional Milk
White Milk


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