OMG Catering - 10-15 Guests + Free Gift


OMG Catering Option - 10-15 Guests:
This Catering package includes a Brownie Cake or a Cookie Pie, 48 Brigadeiros & a Free Gift.
You can choose between a $10 OMG Gift Card* or an OMG Mug.
*OMG Gift card: Must be used in store.

Description of the Package: 


  • Brownie Cake:

- Size: 9' Round - 8-10 Slices (Regular size)


Brownie Cake Flavors Available:
1. Nutella: Choco Brownie with Vanilla Brigadeiro, Nutella, Powder Milk & Nutella Brigadeiro on top


2. Traditional Brigadeiro: Choco Brownie with topping, Nutella, Powder Milk & Nutella Brigadeiro on top


3. Dulce de Leche Bomb: Choco Brownie with Dulce de Leche Brigadeiro, Twix, KitKat & Traditional Brigadeiro Pieces on top.


  • Cookie Pie

1.Nutella : Two Layers of Cookie filled with Nutella and topped with Nutella and some Brigadeiros. If you love Nutella, don't think twice.

2. Traditional Brigadeiro: Two Layers of Cookie filled with Traditional Brigadeiro and topped with it and also some Brigadeiros.


  • Brigadeiros


- Two Trays of 24 Brigadeiros. You can mix & match it as you want. or just choose one of our pre selected category of flavors.

Brigadeiro Flavors:
 - Best Sellers: 
OMG, Dulce de Leche, Nutella, Traditional.

- Assorted Flavors: All flavors.


- Chocolate Flavors: Traditional, OMG, Rainbow, White Chocolate, Dark & Los Amores.

- Filled Brigadeiro Flavors: OMG, Nutella, Churros, Cheese & Guava.

- Tropical Flavors: Coconut, Pistachio, Passion Fruit, Cheese & Guava.

- Make your own Box: Describe your favorite flavors.



*Package not available for shipping

**All products are made in a facility that contains nuts.

Brigadeiro Flavors
Cake Flavor
Pickup or Delivery Time
Choose your FREE Gift =)

We respect, care and value each of our Customers. We stand behind the quality of our Brigadeiros and service provided. If for some reason you receive a damaged or not up to standard Brigadeiro, please contact us immediately and we will make sure we resolve to your satisfaction.
Please note that we do not provide replacement, exchange or refund for orders returned to us by the Shipping Carrier. Please make sure to use the correct address and required information. We won’t replace orders sent to the wrong recipient or location.


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