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OH MY GOSH! Brigadeiros is the first Brigadeiro boutique in Florida. Our intention is to bring an unique and innovative twist on a traditional Brigadeiro and cappuccinos. We offer a variety of Brigadeiros, coffees, cake jars, Unique Desserts and very soon new products. We consistently want to meet our customers expectations. We hope to give you a great experience for all chocolate lovers and make your life a little bit more sweeter!


Luciano Brilho


Luciano Brilho is a young American-Brazilian entrepreneur, born in Rio de Janeiro and passionate about sports. Eventually Luciano noticed that one of his other passions was winning the hearts of Americans, and to do so introduced the brigadeiro.

The most popular sweet in Brazil accompanied him since childhood birthday parties and in grandmother’s house. After much research and development, the first brigaderia in Florida was inaugurated, OH MY GOSH !!! Brigadeiros. The famous sweet, then also became a professional pursuit.

The passion for the brigadeiro and the daily dedication and care for product quality have made the boutique a great success. And the ideas, innovations and evolution continue. Other types of sweets containing Brigadeiros are already being studied and soon OH MY GOSH !!!  will move to the next step.

The OH MY GOSH! Brigaderios team is ready and waiting to hear from you.


The mission of OMG Brigadeiros is to bring a smile to every customer when they bite into our sweet treat. We are committed to deliver the highest quality product and service creating loyalty while making it a memorable experience for our customers.


OMG - Coral Gables

Coral Way, Miami

OMG is located in Miami, in Coral way. In our store you can have OMG`s entire experience and delight in the products and customer service.

2nd Location


MiMo District

OMG second location will be opened soon.

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2205 SW 23rd Avenue Miami, FL 33145, USA  |  305-456-8378

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Sun: 12PM – 8PM

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